Why us

We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter neem , of coco peat , organics products in Tamilnadu, south part of India. We have established ourselves among the prominent Exporters of neem and Coco Peat in India. We are engaged in manufacturing, supply and export of neem and coco peat. We also facilitate our customers by providing customized solutions in terms of fabricating and packaging as per their specifications.

our products are natural, 100% organic and biodegradable. Their excellent nature of biodegradability makes them well sought after products around the world. Our entire product contains no foreign matters or elements. Our products are all also biologically healthy. Our products readily absorbs water within its cellulose structure and maintains humidity for a long time thus enhancing faster developing roots resulting more flowers and fruits per plant.

The manufacturing strength is matched by its stringent quality control process. We have firmly established our name with a guarantee for quality and value by having a separate team for quality checking and so our Neem andCoco Peat business has its roots in our ability to manage good quality.

From the procurement of raw material to finished product, a strict quality is checked throughout.

We provide high quality products with a really good price for Importers; at the same time we can customize the product upon request.

We assure the buyer an efficient service from the time the order is placed and until the shipment leaves the factory. Apart from this we replace or rectify any factory defect without any extra cost to the customer.

Our efforts to make the best has made us achieved maximum customer satisfaction