icoir Pots

Coir pots are made out of coconut coir fiber bounded together by natural latex and molded to a attractive shape. The coir material allows air and water to move through the pot while containing soil, so the plants don’t have to pulled from the pot at planting time. Plants grown in coir in the greenhouse have better root structures than those in plastic pots. Air pruning of the roots occurs once they grow through the walls of the pot, therefore other smaller roots develop as well. There is no root twirling, no root bound plants, no need to manipulate the root ball before planting to help it grow and therefore no root shock. Once planted in the ground, air pruned roots grow again and robust root growth has been after just 10 days!.

Technical specifications

Top Dia 8cm, 11cm, 15cm
Bottom Dia 12cm, 15cm, 20cm
Height 10cm,11cm
Material These products are made with coconut Fiber with rubberized latex
Thickness As per Customers Width
Application 1. Used to control Soil Erosion at work-sites ,Road Construction Areas ,River Banks etc as a protective Measure/Mesh
2. Used in Controlling Event he Steepest of Slopes from Erosion .
3. Used in New Vegetation by Absorbing water and Preventing top Soil from Drying.
Certification Fumigation & Phytosanitory will be done loading of the Container.