icoir disk

Coir disk are ideally used for Seed rising and sapling. It keeps the root of plants moist for long period and prevents plant root from direct sunlight exposure. Available in different weights and different dimensions The composted coir disk need no fertilizer; therefore it is suitable for quicker seed-germination. These composted coco peat disk have the strong ability to make any plant grow to bear flowers or seeds to germinate. In addition to using as seeding/and planting at initial stages, it can be used as growing medium for well grown plants.

Coco peat disk is also rich in root stimulating hormones. The anti-fungal property of coco pith protects your plants from root diseases including fungus infestation. These pellets are very convenient and ready for planting immediately.

Technical specifications

Product Coir dics/coir plugs
Material Coir pith/Coir Peat
Avaliable Sizes 30mm to 120mm
Electrical Conductivity <0.6 mS/cm
PH 5.8 to 6.8
Moisture 10% to 15%