icoir grow bags

Grow vegetables in any sunny spot even your front steps! Use Grow Bags to expand your exisitng garden, too. No need to till or amend poor soil & provide healthy Root Systems. Grow Bags are the Smart and sustainable choice for the soilless cultivation of edible and floral crops under Glasshouse and Table Top Polytunnel production. This is a unique product which comes on compressed slab in poly sleeves, which is commonly used in horticulture and hydroponic green house industry for growing different types of vegetables, floriculture industry and many more highly demanded seasonal and non-seasonal flowers etc.

Coir grow bags are the most popular product in hydroponics growing. As more and more growers in the world are changing to soil less culture, the demand for coir grow bags are increasing day by day. Grow bags are accepted by growers around the globe as a top alternative to environmentally unsafe products. The material is a combination of cocopeat and husk chips, percentages of which can be decided according to the buyers need.

Technical specifications

Product Coir Growbags
Moisture 10-15%
Compression Ratio 4.1
Electrical Conductivity <0.6 mS/cm
PH 5.8 to 6.8
Material 100% Coco Peat
Drain Cuts 6Nos
Avaliable Dimension 100x20x18cm